Ace Lightning GBA Game Boy Advance to play
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Ace Lightning GBA Game Boy Advance, a game classic that is among the most accessed games of Game Boy Advance GBA online and free.

Ace Lightning GBA Game Boy Advance

Enjoy browser emulated games online at Bring back good memories of your childhood playing this GBA video game. Ace Lightning GBA Game Boy Advance was developed and published by Tiertex Design Studios and it still have a lot of fans. The PlayStation 2, IBM PC Game Boy Advance platform is also compatible with this game. Face cool challenges in this legitimate Action-adventure, third person shooter, platform game GBA game.

It is among the games more played of GBA. With an cool story and awesome characters, the game has surprising challenges. We understand that nothing replace the true experience of playing with a GBA console, but this is a very good option. You can play it online for free at More tips.

Below there’s some tips to help you to play Ace Lightning GBA Game Boy Advance

To play it GBA in full screen, click on "X" button, at the bottom right corner. It is possible to save/load the game any time. It is possible to configure keyboard or gamepad to play. It is possible to turn on/off the music.

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Ace Lightning GBA Game Boy Advance review

It is an excellent game. And we spent more than 7 hours playing it. And it never get monotonous. Also we recognize that, in some moments, we didnt believe it would be so good. The missions are amazing. Each scene will be forever in our memory as well.

Gameplay: 7
Graphics: 8
Soundtrack: 8
Characters: 10
Story: 7

Ace Lightning GBA Game Boy Advance Wiki

The Game Boy Advance version is a simple side-scroller platform game where a player controls Ace and moves him around the carnival’s attractions. At the end of the each level is a piece of the Amulet and a boss battle against an antagonist suited to the environment. The levels are based on attractions that are usually seen in an amusement park of small funfair (e.g. a ghost train, carousel, roller coaster, etc.). The player can be ambushed by the enemies whilst navigating their way around the carnival, leading to miniature boss battles. Two minigames are unlocked throughout the course of the game, one being a shooting gallery and the other a strength-testing game.

The PC and PlayStation 2 games are almost identical in content, but the PlayStation 2 version has better graphics and two bonus levels. The Amulet piece at the end of the each level may only be gained after a task is completed, like defeating enemies or a boss, or collecting enough tokens called Doom Dimes. Most of the game involves platforming and locating keys or switches to access new areas. Ace Lightning uses a weapon called the Lightning Lance, which has an energy bar that refills by collecting lightning tokens or energy from fallen enemies. Melee attacks and wrist cannons serve as other forms of attack if the Lance’s energy is depleted. Ace can also pick up accessories that serve as temporary power-ups, such as a forcefield or healing.[citation needed]

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