Advance Guardian Heroes GBA Game Boy Advance to play
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Advance Guardian Heroes GBA Game Boy Advance, a traditional video game of Game Boy Advance GBA to play through your browser.

Advance Guardian Heroes GBA Game Boy Advance

Enjoy browser emulated games online at It’s always good to remember that games from our childhood the game was developed and published by Treasure Co. Ltd. The Game Boy Advance platform is also compatible with this game. One of the best games of Beat ’em up This GBA game was designed by Masaki Ukyo.

This is a classic GBA game. The combination of cool graphics and an awesome soundtrack makes this game unforgettable. The good thing is you do not need to download and install anything. Just run this GBA game in your browser. brings this GBA game online for free emulated in your browser. More tips.

Below there’s some tips to help you to play Advance Guardian Heroes GBA Game Boy Advance

To play it GBA in full screen, click on "X" button, at the bottom right corner. It is possible to save/load the game any time. It is possible to configure keyboard or gamepad to play. It is possible to turn on/off the music.

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What we think about Advance Guardian Heroes GBA Game Boy Advance online free

It is a superb game. And it was practically impossible stop playing it. Also its style is different, we found ourselves stimulated with this game. The mechanics and the moves are really enjoyable as well.

Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 10
Soundtrack: 8
Characters: 7
Story: 8

Advance Guardian Heroes GBA Game Boy Advance Wiki

Advance Guardian Heroes is a side-scrolling beat ’em up in which the playable characters can perform physical and magic attacks. Physical moves include countering and mid-air dashes. Magic attacks, which drain the MP meter, include element spells and protective barriers. It’s also possible to go into “Hyper Mode”, a faster, more powerful version of the playable character.

The game is separated in various stages and sub-stages with their own boss-fights, enemies, and puzzles. Gameplay modes include “Story” for up to two players, “Versus” and “Training”.

Unlike its predecessor, Advance Guardian Heroes allows players to move smoothly towards and away from the screen, as opposed to switching between 3 planes. Some platforming elements have been added to break up the combat, and two new jumping manoeuvres, the air-dash and the homing jump, have been implemented. Some sequences in which these moves are used seem to be references to various 8-bit and arcade games, and some wire-fu films.

A large part of the game relies on a revised “barrier spell.” All playable characters (and enemies on higher difficulty settings) have the barrier spell available, and at the cost of magic-over-time, it renders a character invincible. Properly timed use of the barrier spell allows a player to reflect projectiles and magic (in a visual effect reminiscent of Mischief Makers’ Marina Liteyears throwing a laser or lightning bolt back at its source), or stun enemies who attack in melee.

A green gauge is used to represent the character’s (and speculatively, the player’s) anger. At any point that the player’s character is rendered immobile or out of the player’s control, the player can rapidly press buttons to increase the anger gauge. Points allocated to the character’s MOB[ility] grant bonuses to how quickly this gauge increases. When it flashes, the character can press A+B simultaneously to activate “Hyper Mode” or “Anger Mode,” starting a timer in which the anger gauge decreases, the magic gauge increases, the character is given a burst of speed, and the player is returned control of his character.

If the player’s character dies during the course of the game, a sinister figure appears and offers to give the character invincibility in exchange for his soul. If the player refuses, the princess appears and reassures the player that there will be another chance, before the game transitions to a game over screen. If the player agrees to the sinister figure’s conditions, then the character is brought back to life in a state referred to as, “Devil Mode” that is unable to take damage (although still able to be knocked down and flung around) for the next 6 minutes, before the sinister figure reappears and destroys him, resulting in a game over screen. Regardless of the player’s choice, he is able to continue the game from the last checkpoint reached before going into “Devil Mode.”

Also, unlike the first game, the player is allowed to use most every character that he unlocks, in the main story as well as in the other modes.

Throughout the game, defeated enemies will drop crystals of varying sizes and colour, that act as the experience points. Between stages, players can allocate these crystals towards one or more of their character’s attributes: Vitality, Mind, Attack, Defence, Magical Attack, Magical Defence, and Mobility. At certain points, you will have to fight the heroes of the previous game, and upon defeating them, they will give you their souls, which will increase one of your attributes by 10. Increasing an attribute with soul crystals will raise the character’s level, no matter how high that attribute was to begin with. The higher the character’s level, the more soul crystals will be needed to reach the next level, so players have to allocate their points carefully. Anything left over after allocation, can be donated towards unlocking further playable characters.

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