Bow Adventure Friv online to Play
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Bow Adventure Friv online, a classic of games, now online.

Bow Adventure Friv online

Lots of fun in this incredible game where you are a renowned archer. The objective of the game is to hit the arrows on enemies and other obstacles that are in your way, you have to go up the steps and take care not to be hit by the enemy arrows, use the power whenever you feel need, however this is limited, use with wisdom, detonate general and level up conquering ground, each level new challenges and more difficult, be accurate and detonate general, access online, Games-Free!

Important Game Tips Bow Adventure Friv online

Options to play, move with the mouse at the bottom of the screen of the game:

  – Save the game at any time / Continue from where you left off

Game Controls Bow Adventure Friv online

→↑↓← – Move the character
Mouse – Watch / Shoot

Evaluation of Bow Adventure Friv online

Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 8
Sound Track: 7
Characters: 8
History: 7

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