Burai Fighter NES Nintendo to play
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Burai Fighter NES Nintendo, a fun and classic game that is among the most popular games of Nintendo NES free to play in your browser.

Burai Fighter NES Nintendo

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Configure the keyboard or control to save/load the game NES as well as turn on/off the game's audio.

Setting up the keyboard or control can save/load the game NES besides turning off or on audio. Option to play in full screen is not available for all games just click on the "X" button that is in the bottom corner of the screen.

NES Controls

This game Burai Fighter NES Nintendo involves us in its phases in order to win to be a champion.

Burai Fighter NES Nintendo, an engaging game that only brings us benefit for memory and reflexes. After studies we selected quality games NES to avoid monotony, bringing satisfaction and involvement in each competition. Burai Fighter NES Nintendo It also brings us a benefit by training our memory and ability. The goals Burai Fighter NES Nintendo are challenging. Each scene will be always in our memory as well.

Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 8
Soundtrack: 10
Characters: 7
Story: 7

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Vídeo of Burai Fighter