Cobra Triangle NES Nintendo to play
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Cobra Triangle NES Nintendo, and a game created and developed to make a difference in the world of games an engaging nostalgic game, which is among the most popular

Cobra Triangle NES Nintendo

Cobra Triangle NES Nintendo game online in your browser. Bring back good memories of your infancy playing this NES game. the game was developed and published by Nintendo. More tips.

Belongs to an incredible list games more sought of NES. In addition, the characters Cobra Triangle NES Nintendo are unforgettable, and the soundtrack is nostalgic. The good thing is you do not need to download and install anything. Just run this NES game in your browser. Between you also in this world of classic games online NES and participate with us of this incredible adventure go to

It is possible to configure the keyboard or control to play NES And also to turn on/off the music of the game.

You can save/load the game NES configure the keyboard or control. You can also turn on/off sound from the game.

NES Controls

This game Cobra Triangle NES Nintendo

If you are looking for good games NES, this is the right way and easily accessible. Games NES approved after online tests. Cobra Triangle NES Nintendo sharing these emotions too is worth it. Also with the graphical effects the game Cobra Triangle NES Nintendo evolved much getting with great gameplay.

Gameplay: 7
Graphics: 9
Soundtrack: 7
Characters: 7
Story: 10

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Vídeo of Cobra Triangle