Looney Tunes Racing GBC Game Boy Color to play
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Looney Tunes Racing GBC Game Boy Color, a very creative game accessed very often for being of good quality among the Game Boy Color GBC without downloading anything, free to play online.

Looney Tunes Racing GBC Game Boy Color

Enjoy browser emulated games online at Games-Free.co. Relive good emotions from your childhood by playing this game GBC. No published because they believed in the success of this incredible game.

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Play in full screen by clicking the "X" button at the bottom of the screen. Configure the keyboard or control to save/load the game, as well as turn on/off the game's audio.

To play it GBC in full screen, click on "X" button, at the bottom right corner. It is possible to save/load the game any time. It is possible to configure keyboard or gamepad to play. It is possible to turn on/off the music.

GBC Controls

Looney Tunes Racing GBC Game Boy Color, a good quality distraction that makes the player project onto the screen.

It has an unique gameplay. Games approved after online tests. It also brings us a benefit by training our memory and ability. As expected the game met expectations successfully.

Gameplay: 7
Graphics: 7
Soundtrack: 7
Characters: 10
Story: 8

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