Pac Man Friv Online to Play
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Pac Man Friv Online, a lot of fun in Pac Man’s classic game, come eats, now online.

Pac Man Friv Online

Have fun in this classic of games, the famous Pac Man game eats it, go through the levels and reach the end of this incredible adventure, take all the items of the stage, eat the smaller berries, the larger berries make the ghosts make them edible too, so you can defeat them, just go towards them while they will be bluish and eat them, gain time and level up, each stage more fun and the difficulty increases, be careful not to be surprised and arrive at the end of this game classic. Good fun!

Important Game Tips Pac Man Friv Online

Options to play, move with the mouse at the bottom of the screen of the game:

  – Save the game at any time / Continue from where you left off

Game Controls Pac Man Friv Online

→↑↓← – Move the Character

evaluation of Pac Man Friv Online

Gameplay: 7
Graphics: 6
Soundtrack: 6
Characters: 7
History: 8

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