Steel Talons Mega Drive Sega Genesis to play
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Steel Talons Mega Drive Sega Genesis, a game chosen to be among the most popular and good gameplay in the selection of Sega Genesis Mega Drive free to play online.

Steel Talons Mega Drive Sega Genesis

Access and enjoy Mega Drive online games for free. Enter this fun world of old games that left good memories. Now online Mega Drive. Developed and published by Tengen, this game for Mega Drive is a success.

It is in the list of the most accessed ancient games Mega Drive. Important facts about how to go through phases to play Steel Talons Mega Drive Sega Genesis This site has a great availability of games of easy access and reliability Mega Drive. This Mega Drive game online is now available for free at

It is crazy how a so simple game can be so awesome. Steel Talons Mega Drive Sega Genesis is terrific, all levels have a lot of very good moments.

Play full screen by clicking the "X" button in the bottom corner of the screen. You can save/load the game, configure the keyboard or control. You can also turn on/off sound from the game.

Mega Drive Controls

Steel Talons Mega Drive Sega Genesis gameplay

If you want to enjoy an exciting Mega Drive game, this is the one. And it was practically impossible stop playing it. Sharing these emotions too is worth it. The physics and the effects are truly nice as well.

Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 10
Soundtrack: 8
Characters: 7
Story: 9

Play Steel Talons Mega Drive Sega Genesis online

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