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Streets of Rage Mega Drive Sega Genesis, a nostalgic game that is among the most accessed video game Sega Genesis Mega Drive online and free.

Streets of Rage Mega Drive Sega Genesis

Play Streets of Rage Mega Drive Sega Genesis Online. Relive good emotions from your teenage years by playing this Mega Drive game. Konami was the creator for developing and also publishing this incredible game.

One of the greatest classics among Mega Drive games, Streets of Rage mixes a lot of action where you have to go through several stages until you reach the grand finale. Face several bosses along the way. In the stages there are several items that you can use as a weapon and others that will give you extra life, a game that marked the season and is available here for you to play and have fun. Join now and play this angry game that was considered one of the best games of all time, marking a whole generation of gamers around the world, access now, totally online.

We listed some important tips for you to play Streets of Rage Mega Drive Sega Genesis

The game gives you the option to play in full screen, just click the “X” button at the bottom of the screen. To save / load the game you have to configure the keyboard or control and can turn the sound on / off.

Mega Drive Controls

Streets of Rage Mega Drive Sega Genesis,easy to understand game, very well developed to meet expectations.

Streets of Rage Mega Drive Sega Genesis, a game selected for having a unique gameplay with surrounding phases. Made detailed analysis of the gameplay bringing great involvement in the game. Also, his style is classic, we were stimulated with this game. Also with the graphic effects the game evolved a lot getting with great gameplay.

Game Play: 10
Graphics: 8
Sound Track: 7
Characters: 9
History: 7

Play Streets of Rage Mega Drive Sega Genesis online

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Vídeo of Jogo Streets of Rage