Battletoads Snes Online. It is a game released by Tradewest in 1993 for the Super Nintendo in 1994 by Virgin Interactive for the Master Sistem. In this game it is possible to play with two different characters, Pimple and Rash, two frogs.

Battletoads Snes Online. The two characters Pimple and Rash are invited to present a new video game by Professor T-Bird, the gamescape, able to create an artificial and powerful world, everything went well until the game’s villain comes on the scene. Check Now Online!

Battletoads Snes Online. In the game Pimple and Rash are the only ones who escaped the kidnapping, they will have to rescue the other people and end the grace of Dark Queen. But the mission is not so simple, as countless Dark disciples are prepared to attack and prevent frogs in any way. Access and enjoy online. Games-Free!

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