Donkey Kong Online Snes. It was the first example of platform style gaming. Sometimes characterized as the first platform game in history, it was the first platform Jô to use the leap as a skill, introducing the need to jump between holes, obstacles and nearby enemies. Ended up serving Genre for platform games.

Donkey Kong Online Snes. In 1981, the Donkey Kong game was released for Nintendo through Nintendo and Coleco, and the following year they released Donkey Kong Jr. for the same platform. In 1994, Nintendo asked British game producer Rare to make a new game. It was released Donkey Kong Country considered a jump in the world of video games.

Donkey Kong Online Snes. Donkey Kong is a series of electronic games created by Shigeru Miyamoto that revolves around the character Donkey Kong. The first game of Donkey Kong was a mini-game where also appeared for the first time Mario, at the time called Jumpman. Games-Free!

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