Ultimate Qix Mega Drive Sega Genesis to play
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Ultimate Qix Mega Drive Sega Genesis, a very creative game accessed very often for being of good quality among the Sega Genesis Mega Drive without downloading anything, free to play online.

Ultimate Qix Mega Drive Sega Genesis

Ultimate Qix Mega Drive Sega Genesis for Sega Genesis Mega Drive online. Bring back good memories of your adolescence playing this Mega Drive video game. Taito Published this game for the involvement of an audience that seeks quality.

An incredible collection of old games at your disposal of Mega Drive. Playing Mega Drive games in browser is really fun at Games-Free.co. The best thing is you do not need to download and install anything. Just run this Mega Drive game in your browser. Between you also in this world of classic games online Mega Drive and participate with us of this incredible adventure go to Games-Free.co.

The game gives you the option to play in full screen, just click the "X" button at the bottom of the screen. To save/load the game you have to configure the keyboard or control and can turn the sound on/off.

For more visualization play in full screen just click the "X" button in the bottom corner of the screen. If you want to save/load the game, set the keyboard or control with the sound on/off option.

Mega Drive Controls

Ultimate Qix Mega Drive Sega Genesis, a good quality distraction that makes the player project onto the screen.

Ultimate Qix Mega Drive Sega Genesis, an engaging game that only brings us benefit for memory and reflexes. And we had an insane time playing it. Sharing these emotions too is worth it. The whole game is very well programmed with all the necessary requirements.

Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 8
Soundtrack: 7
Characters: 10
Story: 10

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