Zombie Krul Friv Online to Play
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Zombie Krul Friv Online, a classic of games, now online.

Zombie Krul Friv Online

Get ready for this angry game, here you are an agent sent to save the zombie apocalypse scientists, detonate with the zombies and save the survivors. Take the items scattered through the stage, weapons, ammunition and other items that have helped you complete missions, show all your skill and lead the survivors to salvation. An angry game that will make you want to stay playing and passing the various levels that the game has. Have a good time online, Games-Free!

Important Game Tips Zombie Krul Friv Online

Options to play, move with the mouse at the bottom of the screen of the game:

  – Save the game at any time / Continue from where you left off

Game Controls Zombie Krul Friv Online

W,S,A,D – Move the character
Mouse – Watch / Shoot

Evaluation of Zombie Krul Friv Online

Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 8
Sound Track: 7
Characters: 8
History: 7

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